• SAFETY: Fire and electrical safety are paramount in the protection and prevention of loss of life, personal injury and property loss.
  • AWARENESS: Through our Home Safety Program, fire and electrical safety audits, social media pages and our personel service and advice, we want you to have an understanding as to what your obligations and reponsalilites are with respect to compliance legislation and of course those under your care.
  • PEACE of MIND: All our technicians are fully trained and certified to carry out all aspects of the services Wireless and Wired Smoke Alarms provide. We take pride in the professional, friendly manner of our technicians, and being a local small business, in the personal touches we are able to extend to our customers.

            We would like to have the opportunity to discuss your fire and electrical saftey requirements with you at a time suitable to you.

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The introduction of recent changes to smoke alarm legislation impacts on both private and rental properties throughout Queensland, the safety of the occupants of these dwellings being the primary focus for the changes.

Photelectric, interconnected smoke alarms are now the compliance requirement and with the advances in wireless technology, wireless smoke alarms and their ease of installation allows the propety owner a cost effective way to meet the compliance requirements.

Our wireless smoke alarms use RadioLINK technology, which gives us the flexability to meet your current and future smoke alarm needs in a planned, no fuss manor.

With the majority of household fires being caused by electrical faults and the large numbers of workplace electrical incidents, the inclusion of our electrical Test and Tag Services was a natural addition to our smoke alarm services.

Our certified technicians offer the same level of courteuos, professional service that has been the benchmark of of our business.

Electrical Test and Tag for the workplace is manditory by WHS legislation but for the household it's about the safety of you and your family .